If you’re looking for further motivation to get you running outside or on a treadmill, these five facts might be all the motivation you need.

  1. Running makes you happy. Research has found that running or walking can instantly improve your mood. Further, running helps to alleviate stress and anxiety. So, if you’re feeling particularly down or stressed about work throw on your running shoes and hit the road.
  1. Running may also help improve your quality of sleep and increase your concentration levels throughout the day. This will mean you’ll function better generally.
  1. Running helps with weight loss. Running burns calories, and helps you stay in shape or shed those unwanted kilos.
  1. Running strengthens your joints and bones. Particularly, running is good for strengthening your knees.
  1. Running will keep you young. Research has also shown that running helps to keep you mentally sharp, and keeps functions including attention and memory intact. Running is also said to add years to your life.