With our ridiculously busy lifestyles, finding “me time” is increasingly important. Time to relax, unwind and recharge our batteries. But how do we go about finding the time for that?

Here are our top four tips for making time for me time:

  1. Schedule in your me time. Block out a time that’s dedicated just for you, and turn down any invitations or requests that come up during that time.
  2. Find a place no one can disturb you. This might be in the bathroom behind a locked door or on the rooftop of your apartment building. Maybe there’s a park down the road or maybe you’d even like to hit the shops on your own. Choose somewhere you want to be, and somewhere no one will be making demands or starting up conversations you don’t want to have.
  3. Do something relaxing. Choose something that you want to do. Maybe you want to do nothing but ball up on the couch in front of your favourite TV Show. Maybe you want to curl up with a good book and a hot cup of coffee. Maybe you want to take a long, hot bath. Whatever you choose, make it relaxing and make it about you.
  4. Don’t feel guilty. Above all, don’t feel guilty for taking the time for yourself. You are just as important as everyone else and you are entitled to a bit of you time. You earned this. You deserve it.