Sometimes, there’s nothing more relaxing than a spa style pedicure. Create your own spa style pedicure at home with this easy step-by-step guide.

  1. Start by removing any nail polish already on your toe nails, and gathering all the things you’ll need including nail polish, pumice stones, moisturizer and a foot spa or a bowl of warm water big enough for your feet.
  1. Soak your feet in your foot spa or bowl for approximately five minutes. When you’ve finished, pat your feet dry with a clean towel.
  1. Remove dead skin by scrubbing your feet with a pumice stone and some exfoliating cream. Rinse your feet off and pat dry.
  1. Shape your nails with clippers and a nail file.
  1. Use a cuticle stick to push your cuticle beds back into place.
  1. Moisturize your feet with a hydrating moisturizer cream. Massage it gently into your feet, paying attention especially to your arches.
  1. Then, paint your nails any colour you like, adding two coats and a top coat for optimum results. Tidy up any excess polish and then enjoy your fresh feet!