It’s almost here. Your most hated day of the year. But just because you’re alone on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean it needs to be the worst day of your life. Here’s how to turn Valentine’s Day into a day that’s as good as any other.

  1. Buy yourself some chocolate. You don’t need someone else buying it for you. For starters, if you buy it yourself you’ll choose your favourite kind or treat yourself to something new. Chocolate is proven to release endorphins so already you’re off to a good start.
  1. Gather your single girlfriends. Get together and do something fun. Have a movie night or hit the town.
  1. Make it a pamper day. A day all about you. Book in a massage and a facial and do some well-deserved retail therapy. Prove to yourself that you’re loved by the most important person of all – you.
  1. Go out and mingle. Valentine’s Day is often used as a day for singles to meet other singles. So, why not put yourself out there? You never know who you might meet.
  1. Tick something off your bucket list. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, or something you’ve always wanted to try, make Valentine’s Day the day you do it.