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You can never have enough mugs. In fact, if you don’t have a kitchen cupboard full of random mugs, or an array of them floating around your office, you’re not living your best life. Mugs are fucking brilliant.

Especially sweary and rude mugs. They’re perfect to help you say what you want to say without opening your mouth. Like, ‘I don’t give a flying fuck’, ‘It’s a throat punch kinda day’, or ‘A wise woman once said fuck this shit’.

Mugs make the perfect gifts. Know a sweary little plant lover? Give them the ‘What the Fucculent’ mug and it’ll soon become their new favourite. Need a present for a teacher? We have a non-sweary teacher’s range (so your kid won’t get in trouble). There’s even dad mugs like, ‘Thanks dad for not pulling out & creating a fucking legend’.

Whether you’re after inappropriate mugs, rude mugs, funny mug gifts or plain jane mugs, The Sassery has you covered.

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