Light This When You Want A BJ® Candle



Light, point and they’ll know to drop to their knees!

If you’ve been looking for the perfect gift for a male partner, you’ve found it! These funny candles are sure to please in more ways than one. The latest addition to our mens candles and mandles, they’re sure to be a hit with whoever you buy them for.

Candle is a 285 gram scented soy candle 

All candles are 100% soy wax and hand poured using only quality materials I have sourced here in Australia. The candles come in solid glass black containers with wooden air tight lids

Each has a burn time of approx 50-60hrs

*Light this when you want a BJ is a registered trademark

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Looks and smells amazing

Smart, well made & well packaged.
Chose the 50 shades scent and it smells amazing! Loved the fact that I could choose to not have a wick 😂😂 but didn’t want to waste the candle 😉😂

Layla Batrouney
never received my order

i never received my order. the delivery service is terrible and i’m very disappointed that i’ve wasted so much money here

Pippi Maynard
Buttercream vanilla!!!

Bought as a fun present, overwhelming happy with the quality of scent. Rich, velvety and actually makes me hungry 😅 definitly one to repurchase!

Peter Stevens
Great candle

The candle smells great. Of course the title of the candle was a hit with everyone who read the label.

Richelle Hilson
Smells great

They small great. Though I had a problem with the labels being damaged that still hasn’t been fixed so haven’t been able to give them to my boyfriend. Disappointed