It seems as though green smoothies have become completely unavoidable. Everywhere you turn someone is drinking a green smoothie, making a green smoothie or talking about green smoothies. Filled with green ingredients – think spinach, kale, rocket and avocado – green smoothies have taken over the world.

So what’s so good about green smoothies?

  1. They taste better than they look. We promise.
  1. Green smoothies are a great source of calcium, vitamin C and magnesium.
  1. They also contain foliate which helps prevent heart disease and cancer.
  1. Green smoothies make it easy for your body to digest more nutrients.
  1. Green smoothies are an excellent source of fibre. Fibre aids our digestive system.
  1. Green smoothies contain chlorophyll which provides you with a large amount of beneficial nutrients.
  1. They are easy to make. A green smoothie will take you barely any time at all to prepare and won’t leave you with a kitchen full of mess.

What do you think about green smoothies? Have you tried them and loved them? What’s your favourite green smoothie combo?