Just because the weather has cooled right down, doesn’t mean you can’t have a super fun and romantic date with your significant other.

Here are our top ideas for a hot date in cold weather.

  1. Hot chocolate picnic. Take a picnic blanket – as well as a blanket to wrap around the two of you – and a thermos of hot chocolate to a park nearby. Take some extra snacks – cookies, marshmallows, etcetera, and then cuddle up and enjoy.
  1. Cooking class. There’s no better time than winter (the perfect season for eating) to learn how to cook your favourite cuisine. Then you can take your new skills to cook perfect the meal together and have a romantic candlelit dinner.
  1. Ice skating. Ice skating is another perfect winter activity and it can be a lot of fun. Check to see if your city has an outdoor ice skating rink special in winter or head to a local indoor rink and pretend you’re skating outside.
  1. Sightsee. Visit places in your city that you might never have been before. The art gallery. An aquarium. Anything tourists would regularly do.
  1. Movie marathon. Cold, wintery nights are the perfect excuse to stay indoors without feeling guilty about it. Choose a theme – comedy, crime, Ben Stiller – and watch movies back to back until you’re too tired to go on. Order in some dinner and have plenty of snacks on hand.